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Who are w-inds.?

Always keeping a finger on the pulse of Western music trends, w-inds. is a three member dance-vocal unit which is constantly evolving its sound to meet the standards of world-class entertainment. The group, comprised of members Keita Tachibana (main vocals), Ryohei Chiba, and Ryuichi Ogata (Rap/Chorus), is recognized for the high range of the main vocalist as well as its advanced dance technique in the areas of breaking, locking, and house. The unique fusion of JPOP and western sound along with high-energy dance performance makes w-inds. an act with the potential of raising Japanese entertainment to the international stage.

w-inds. started performing to small crowds around the age of 15 in public spaces around Tokyo until they managed to draw a staggering crowd of 8,000 people to their debut Shibuya street performance in 2001. They now routinely play to crowds in prestigious venues such as Nippon Budokan during their annual nationwide tours and have even been able to expand their activities overseas by participating in foreign music festivals in countries such as Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Korea. w-inds. has also been able to headline their own concerts in Asian countries and has been known to be received with a superstar welcome in China especially.

The group has been awarded by multiple Japanese awards shows such as Nihon Recordo Taishou and has also been honored by awards shows based in Korea, China, and Taiwan. w-inds. has received the IFPI Hong Kong Best Sales Award for 10 albums to date, the most recent being awarded in 2013 for their album MOVE LIKE THIS. The trio has also appeared numerous times in the top ten of the Japanese Oricon chart and has had four singles and two albums reach the top spot thus far.

Being that Ryohei and Ryuichi were born in northern Japan (Hokkaido) and Keita in the south (Kyushuu), the name w-inds. is based on how the members were “carried on the wind” to Tokyo to unite for the creation of the group. The hyphen and period used in the name represent the group’s usage of the internet and social media in order to spread their name to all corners of the world. This feat has enabled them to gain international attention, even at one time making them the most followed artist on the Chinese version of twitter.

Starting in 2012, main vocalist Keita Tachibana pursued a solo project under the mononym KEITA and released his first album SIDE BY SIDE. He then held a nationwide tour for the album in 2013. In the same year, member Ryuichi Ogata toured with his rock band ALL CITY STEPPERS and released the single Precious Girl. Ryohei Chiba produced and starred in dance musical THE SHOT alongside DA PUMP member KENZO which was performed in Tokyo and Osaka. Ryohei also belongs to the dance crew UNION SQUARE. The three w-inds. members resumed activities in fall of 2013 when they released their 32nd single A Little Bit and held concert tour AWAKE, the last two stops being held at Nippon Budokan and in Hong Kong.

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Who are w-inds.?