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w-inds.worldwide Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Published on March 24, 2014, by in project.

We’re looking for traces of w-inds. all over the globe. Get out your cameras and photograph anything w-inds. related you can find in your city!

w-inds. in NYC
Found in NYC

We will be offering two prizes of $20 YESASIA gift certificates; one for the person who submits the most pictures, and one for the person whose picture receives the most “likes”.


  1. All photographs must be uploaded to the “w-inds.worldwide Scavenger Hunt Contest” album in our facebook group. For the album itself, click here.
  2. Photographs must be related to w-inds. song/album titles, lyrics, or must be otherwise obvious to fellow w-inds. fans. This site is a good reference.
  3. The words in your photo don’t necessarily have to be in English/Japanese, but you should include a translation in your photo caption.
  4. While we encourage creativity, we hope that the actual w-inds. reference in your picture is naturally occurring (meaning that you didn’t make something and place it somewhere). That being said, if you and your friends want to recreate a scene from a PV in a place that looks similar in your town, we wouldn’t be against that at all. 
  5. Different people are allowed to submit a shot of the same landmark/place etc., it’s up to you to make your picture more interesting than any of the other submissions. Again, be creative!
  6. We encourage fans to get in the photo as well, but it’s not a requirement.
  7. There will be two prizes offered, however the same person cannot win both prizes.
  8. You are at the mercy of your fellow w-inds. fans, so be nice to each other!

The deadline will be APRIL 30TH.

Happy hunting!

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