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w-inds. worldwide MOVE LIKE THIS Tour Flower Project!

Published on May 22, 2012, by in project.

In the past, the members of w-inds. worldwide community have banded together to show their support for w-inds. by donating money towards a special flower arrangement to be displayed at the first show of the tour. Our last efforts enabled us to buy a breathtaking arrangement which was displayed at Yokohama arena for w-inds.’ Christmas live:

This year we’d like to send an arrangement to the Yokohama Pacifico venue on the first day of the “MOVE LIKE THIS” tour (July 14th). We’re asking everyone to send their donations again. The cheapest arrangement we can get is 15000 yen, so that’s our goal. For every 2000 yen we receive after we reach that goal, we can upgrade the arrangement one size.

We will keep record of the donations and progress toward our goal of 15000 yen here and on our social networking sites.

The deadline for donations will be July 1st, 2012.

Please send your donation IN YEN via PAYPAL to staff@windsworldwide.com
People in Japan who would like to donate can e-mail us at the above address for alternative payment methods.

Let’s see how fast we can reach the goal!!

GOAL PROGRESS: 21500yen / 15000yen — GOAL REACHED!!

If you still want to donate, for every 2000 yen received from this point we can order the arrangement on size larger. Thanks everyone!

Donations list:
1. Dada – Taiwan – 2000 yen
2. Elizabeth – Trinidad and Tobago/Venezula/Canada – 1500 yen
3. Vi – USA – 2000 yen
4. Jesi – Indonesia – 1500 yen
5. Noody – Qatar – 1400 yen
6. ZhiJun – Australia/Malaysia – 1500 yen
7. SY – Singapore – 5100 yen
8. Valeria – Argentina – 2500 yen
9. Esther – Holland – 2500 yen
10. Ute – Germany – 1500 yen
11. Mari – USA/Japan – 1000 yen

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