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w-inds. worldwide International Postcard Project 2012!

Published on April 3, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

UPDATE: In order to give people more time to prepare and send in postcards, we’ve decided to change the send-by date to JUNE 30, 2012.

For the past few years w-inds. worldwide has done an annual letter writing campaign inviting fans all over the world to send us letters for w-inds. which we drop in the present boxes at lives. We think it’s something fans look forward to doing every year, so this year we’d like to do it again, but a little differently.

We’re asking fans to send us postcards from your country. We think this is a cheap, easy way to show off the beautiful scenery from your country and give a short message to w-inds. We’d really love to receive a lot of postcards, so please tell your w-inds. fan friends to send one, too! We know that many fans from different countries do their own projects, but we would like everyone to participate in ours, too. Let’s see how many postcards we can get!

This is also a good chance to send a gentle reminder that there are still people waiting for an international FC.

You can send as many postcards as you like. If you wish to address a member individually, that’s fine, but all postcards will go together into the w-inds. present box. We will not make any special exceptions.

We don’t want to list our address publicly, so if you’d like to participate, please send and e-mail to staff@windsworldwide.com asking for the address and we’ll give it to you right away.

Since postcards typically take longer to reach their destinations than letters, you must send out your postcard by MAY 1ST, 2012. [UPDATE: JUNE 30, 2012]


-As postcards are unprotected from the weather, please don’t get upset if your postcard becomes damaged in any way. If you’re worried about this, you are free to send the postcard inside an envelope and we’ll take it out when we receive it.

-We are not to blame if your postcard gets lost in the mail.

-We reserve the right to reject any postcards which we deem offensive or inappropriate.

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  1. Kieve

    I’ll definitely send my postcard :)

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