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Ryohei’s Blog: 2012/10/23

Published on October 23, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

Here is a fast translation of Ryohei’s most recent (and final) blog entry on Ameba.


The staff already told you all for me, but I’m going to be ending this blog and starting anew on Facebook!

I let the staff announce my blog’s ending for me, but it seems everyone was puzzled. Probably because it was really sudden. (lol)

Some people even left me comments like “were you unaware of this?” but of course that wasn’t the case. (lol)

It’s something that we members and the staff decided a while ago.

Some people were like “there’s been an awful lot of old pictures posted recently… it’s kind of suspicious…” Those people have pretty good intuition. (lol)

You guys are really good at reading my personality. (lol)

So, it’s not like I’m ‘graduating’ from the place I usually post, but rather, I’m just saying that I’ll be posting in a new way from a new place! I hope you all can understand that and relax and enjoy it!

Maybe some of you aren’t used to using Facebook, but it’s really fun once you get used to it, so please check it out!

Well then, I’m off!

2 Responses

  1. So at least we know he enjoys Facebook. Heh XDD
    thank you for the translation! ^^

  2. Susan

    But I like Ameba more than facebook… ;_;
    I wonder if they’re gonna delete it or just leave it as is.

    Thanks for the trans!

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