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Yokohama Arena Flower Project 2011

Name: Ute
Country: Germany
Thanks for your hard work in 2011! I will continue to support you from Germany in 2012! May it be a great year for you, the dancers and staff!
Name: AlAnood
Country: Qatar
كل عام وانتوا بخير
Happy new year, sending our love and wishes all the way from Qatar!
Name: オリビア
Country: アメリカ
Name: エリ
Country: Venezuela, Trinidad
Thank you for the amazing music! and thank you for all your hard work! It makes me feel so happy! Los Quiero Mucho!!!!
Name: Yee Min
Country: Malaysia

Congrats on w-inds. 10th anniversary and Merry Xmas! Thank you for your great music and performances all these years!

Name: Iga
Country: Poland

Hello w-inds.! Thanks for bringing happiness to the world with your music! Europe is ready for you, so please come soon. :) Lots of love and positive energy from me to you, keep on being as awesome as you’re now!Chu~

Name: うさぎ
Country: Vietnam

Thank you for always working hard & trying your best to go to everywhere your fans are. I was very happy seeing you in my country last month, it’s become my Forever Memories! Please hold live in South East Asia soon~!

Name: shiba
Country: 虹の街

Name : Zhi Jun
Country: Australia/Malaysia

w-inds.! I look forward to more wonderful songs and cool dances!
P.S. Please perform You Make Me Crazy & Pearl Dance one day XD

Name: w-inds. Thai fans
Country: Thailand

Thai fans always support you ♥ Congratulations 10th anniversary !

Name: Jesi
Country: Indonesia

Dear w-inds. Thank you for your great music & dance. 慶太の声が大好き. He give me a lot of inspiration. Congratulation for w-inds. 10th Anniversary. 頑張ろう w-inds.! w-inds. 最高!Greetings from Indonesia. Love Jesi.

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