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SY (Singapore)

Why did you decide to come to Japan? I made 2 trips to Japan this year; August to Osaka and November to Tokyo. I did so because Melissa and Ash managed to get me tickets to w-inds’ lives.

How long did you stay? I stayed for around 1 week for both trips.

What did you enjoy the most about your time in Japan? One thing about Japan that really left a deep impression on me is its people. They are extremely polite and sincere in whatever they do. Its not just the people in the service industry, but the general public as well. It makes the stay in Japan a really really pleasant one. Of course, how can I forget about the amazing and ever-famous Japanese cuisine. I also like how the ancient architecture blends in nicely with all the skyscrapers.

What, if anything, would you change about your time in Japan? I would not change anything at all. Oh, maybe I would like to extend my stay spend there.

Would you come to Japan again in the future? HELL YES! If fact, if everything goes well, I should be studying there next year so…

Would you recommend traveling to Japan to a friend? Definitely. Who wouldn’t want to go to Japan?! Like, seriously.

Do you have any travel tips or advice (cheap airfare, hotels) to give to future travelers? My best advice would just be to go to www.farecompare.com, key in your destination and dates and hit enter. It gathers fares from all the airlines, put them side by side for you to compare. It is alot cheaper and more convenient.

Additional Comments: When I first got to know about the earthquake in the beginning of the year, I was extremely shocked and upset, and I think that it was really brave and strong for them to get through this disaster. In fact, the world was fascinated with how the Japanese dealt with this unfortunate event. As opposed to what has been portrayed on the news, Japan is clean, orderly and beautiful. Don’t be too concerned about the situation, it is absolutely safe to travel there.

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