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Huiping (Singapore)

Why did you decide to come to Japan? I believe that there should be no fear towards anything or even people you love. I love Japan, and I want to visit Japan as many times as I could. Indeed I am afraid of encountering the earthquake and being affected by the radiation, this fear is nothing compared to the love for Japan. I told myself, if I’m meant to die, I would. I’m not a religious person but I strongly believe that everything has been planned by God no matter what religion you are in. There are lots of things that only one can truly enjoy nowhere else but only in Japan.

How long did you stay? I went twice after the earthquake which was for 8 days and 5 days and will be going again in December for a month to experience Japan more.

What did you enjoy the most about your time in Japan? I enjoyed meeting different kinds of people in Japan. Japanese are much more kind and polite compared to what I was expecting. They are really helpful even though there’s a communication barrier.

What, if anything, would you change about your time in Japan? I would want to spend my time more wisely in Japan like visiting all the historical places and museums I’ve always wanted to go instead of trying to get my sleep.

Would you come to Japan again in the future? Definitely. Nothing will change even if I encounter an earthquake while travelling.

Would you recommend traveling to Japan to a friend? Of course I would. As much as it is expensive due to the differences in salaries in different countries, the experience is priceless comparing to what you will be spending there.

Do you have any travel tips or advice (cheap airfare, hotels) to give to future travelers? For cheap airfares for those residing in Singapore, I recommend http://airfares.com.sg . Not exactly cheap compared to  those who might have cheaper deals but it would definitely help those who couldn’t get hold of any airtickets due to different promotion limitations (eg. Credit Card) as this site allows bank transfer.

Additional Comments: I would want everyone who are planning to go Japan, please do not fear of anything that might happen. What is most important is that you enjoy the trip and I would say that I want to salute all the Japanese as they stood up really quick as compared to what I thought. I was still sobbing over what happened after a month or so but they got over it and took it like it never happened. My respect goes to all those residing in Japan especially those who’ve lost their family due to the natural disaster. Its hard, but they made it.

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