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We Love Japan

One year after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, we can still clearly recall the terror we felt as we scrambled to find the whereabouts of our friends and loved ones in the effected areas. The world stopped and stood at attention as the disaster unfolded on televisions and the internet which lead to an outpouring of support all across the globe. Unfortunately, the tragic images witnessed during that time also caused many would-be visitors to Japan to cancel their plans in fear of experiencing an earthquake during their stay. One year later, the tourism industry is still struggling.

We collected information in the form of a survey from travelers that visited or lived in Japan after the earthquake to show the world that, while there is and always has been a risk of experiencing an earthquake during one’s time here, travelers can still have a safe and enjoyable stay. It is our hope that the words of the people that participated in our survey will give everyone the courage and insight needed to plan a trip to Japan as soon as possible.

It was also important to us to have these surveys translated into Japanese so that the Japanese people could see the unconditional love many foreigners have for Japan. While the road to recovery remains long, there are still people around the world wishing to support Japan in any way possible.

Last but not least, we’d like to give our condolences to the families and friends who lost love ones on March 11th, 2011. While there are no words that can be said to ease the pain of loss, we hope these words can give you strength.

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