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New Album MOVE LIKE THIS FC Version Order

Published on May 19, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

w-inds. has just announced a fanclub only version of their new album, MOVE LIKE THIS.

w-inds. worldwide would like to help as many fans as possible be able to buy it!

The FC version will contain:

  • the 12-song main album (same as the limited release)
  • a second CD with a recording from the FAN CLUB LIVE TOUR “UNPLUGGED” (planned)
  • an extra set of covers (three solo shots of the members, so you can change it to whatever you like)

Only FC members can purchase this set, so it’s going to be very rare!

We are happy to preorder any overseas fans a copy!

PRICE: 4000 yen (3500 yen for the CD plus a 500 yen domestic shipping fee)

Shipping from Japan to your home will be calculated after we get the CDs.

Payments will be due by May 30, 2012. Again, only PayPal will be accepted.

We will likely receive the CDs in early July, so we’ll let everyone know then.

Please e-mail us at goods@windsworldwide.com for more information.

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