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musicJAPANplus x w-inds.worldwide Song Tournament!

Published on September 30, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

The w-inds. worldwide staff have been hinting at something big coming up, and we’re proud to finally announce our collaborative project with musicJAPANplus!

Most foreign fans of Japanese music are familiar with musicJAPANplus as they are one of the few websites out there which strive to make information about Japanese music available in many languages. They have even conducted interviews with w-inds. in the past and have written numerous articles about their activities which can be found here: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/artistdb/?action=writeup&artist_id=88

After she saw one of our previous video projects on YouTube, we were contacted by Yuki, one of the chief editors at musicJAPANplus. She said she was moved by the dedication of w-inds. fans around the world and our desire to one day see w-inds. be able to perform for us in many places. She made us a fantastic offer: not only will she feature the video we make for this project on the official musicJAPANplus YouTube channel, she said she will personally deliver the video and message to w-inds. and their agency.

Due to confidentiality, we can’t receive a direct response from w-inds. nor their agency about the project, but there is a 100% chance that they will see what we create. Chances like this do not come often, and it’s up to you guys to give it your all and prove to w-inds. and their agency that they have a reason to come play for you outside Japan.


The ultimate goal of this project is to make a video of w-inds. from around the world saying the lyrics to a w-inds. song in their own language. When the time comes, you will send an e-mail to our special project e-mail address and you will be assigned the lyrics to record in your video. The w-inds. worldwide staff will be able to provide you lyrics in Japanese, English, Thai, German, Spanish, Dutch, Vietnamese and Chinese.


This is the fun part. We will hold a two part tournament. Round 1 will start on October 8th HAS STARTED: http://windsworldwide.com/?page_id=1557 HAS FINISHED. Fans will have one week to vote for their favorite songs. You’re free to get as many votes for your song as possible, and we encourage you to campaign for your cause through twitter, facebook, or whatever way you can imagine.

After Round 1 comes to a close, will then choose the top 5 songs from the list and have a second battle. The final decision will be made on October 15th at midnight Japan time. The winning song will be declared the Best w-inds. Song in the World and will be the song we all come together to perform for w-inds. UPDATE: ROUND 2 here!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SING. Just speaking the lyrics is okay. If you could say it to the melody of the song, that would be excellent. Since copyright rules state that we cannot use music for this video, it doesn’t really matter. Nobody compares to w-inds. performance-wise, so your smiling face saying the lyrics in your language is the only thing we care about seeing in the video.

We will announce the start of Round 1 and where to vote on twitter and facebook. More directions for the video will follow once the song is decided, but please keep in mind that the deadline for everything will be DECEMBER 1ST, 2012.

More than ever, it is imperative that we show our support in numbers. Not only do we want to leave a good impression on w-inds. and their agency, we want to show our appreciation to musicJAPANplus for their amazing kindness.


4 Responses

  1. kan

    เห้นด้วยเลยจร้าา โอกาสแบบนี้หายากจริงๆแหละ มาช่วยกันทำเถอะ ^_^

  2. I love this project~ I will try to do one video as well! May I have the email address please?

    • Ash

      When the Best Song is chosen, we will give you all more information about how to participate in the video! Thank you! :)

  3. Susan

    omg?! O_O This is making my heart beat fast O_O
    This is awesome! I can’t handle the awesome o(T_T)o

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