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We at w-inds. worldwide are big fans of the Chinese fan group W-SP. We are very happy to introduce these talented fans to everyone. They began with absolutely no dance experience whatsoever and taught themselves how to dance out of their love for w-inds.!

In their own words:

W-SP is a group of w-inds. fans from China. They formed initially for the w-inds.’s Shanghai Live in 2010, in which they performed the Addicted to Love dance just outside the venue to let w-inds. feel the passion from the Chinese fans. But then they thought, “since we have started, we mustn’t let it end…” (This then became W-SP’s group motto.) Now W-SP’s target is to get more and more people to like and support w-inds., and they are constantly working and striving hard to achieve this.

The current W-SP consists of members from SzeChuan, ChengDu: Zheng Yi, Yao Zi, Xiao Yao, Xuan Feng, xx, Xiao Qiang and AMY.  Also, new members: Tang, Xiao Mei, and Jiao.

…and the more and more people that join the team (from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong), the larger the power. In the future, W-SP will focus on learning the different dance choreography to w-inds. songs, and will try to perfect them, in order to attract new fans to join and to support w-inds.

You can watch their performances of w-inds.’ Addicted to Love and Be As One below. As always, all music belongs to w-inds., Pony Canyon and Vision Factory.

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