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Priya Mistry

Priya Mistry is a w-inds. fan and an incredibly talented graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. She has lent her artistic skills to the w-inds. fan community through many different means, the most famous being the w-inds. mark twibbon which has been used by thousands of w-inds. fans both on Twitter and Facebook. For w-inds. worldwide, she has submitted her art for projects such as the w-inds. worldwide 10th anniversary scrapbook project and designs for the w-inds. worldwide shop. She even designed us a spectacular website prototype which, due to our own lack of skill and copyright worries, we weren’t able to use.  She’s also responsible for the amazing Dress Up Keita game, which everyone should try at least once! Furthermore, Priya also maintains a popular website about w-inds. on the Tumblr community.  We will definitely be calling on Priya’s design skills for future projects, so please look forward to seeing more of her work.


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