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Changes to w-inds.worldwide

Published on February 27, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

In anticipation of our return to the US this summer, we have decided to turn w-inds.worldwide into an information source only, and primarily in English. From 2013, we will no longer be assisting fans with buying tickets or merchandise. Upon returning to the US we may or may not take down this website itself. We will continue to update our twitter with any major w-inds.-related news, and the facebook group will remain as it is now. We will also be keeping tabs on the members of w-inds. as they pursue their individual career goals. If you’re interested, you can follow our member-related twitter accounts.

Ryohei – @RYOworldwide
Keita – @KEITAworldwide
Ryuichi – @RYUworldwide

Facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/windsworldwide/

We’d like to thank our staff for their incredibly hard work that they did out of the goodness of their hearts and because of their love for w-inds. We’d also like to thank all you FANS for your support over the years. We enjoyed meeting so many people and having the chance to share our love of w-inds. and their music with people all around the world. We hope that we made the distance between you all feel a little smaller. Good luck to you all – and to w-inds., too!

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