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By now, you may have heard that Keita is starting a new solo project. This is separate from his old solo project and he should be viewed as a new artist. In case you are having trouble making sense of all the sudden information, here is a translation of the press release and all relevant links! Let’s support him together!



w-inds.’ main vocalist Keita Tachibana will start a solo career under the name KEITA.
While keeping with the dance music that his group is known for, KEITA intends to create music with a stronger R&B flavor and a sound that is of a world standard.

His first single “Slide ‘n’ Step” will be released on February 20th, 2013!

KEITA both wrote the lyrics and choreographed the song himself. The single was produced using the most current R&B sensibilities. Produced by Ryosuke Imai, the title “Slide ‘n’ Step” contains a double meaning; it is representative of the direction KEITA wishes to take his music, and tells a story about his musical aspirations by use of romantic metaphor.

His aim is to become the “ONE&ONLY” of Japan’s music scene. With his eyes on that goal, KEITA now stands ready at the start line.


KEITA「Slide ‘n’ Step」2013.2.20(wed) ON SALE

FIRST PRESS A CD+DVD PCCA-03716 ¥1,500 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)
【DVD】「Slide ‘n’ Step」Music Video

FIRST PRESS B CD+DVD PCCA-03717 ¥1,500 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)
【DVD】「Slide ‘n’ Step」Music Video Making

REGULAR EDITION CD ONLY PCCA-70348 ¥1,000 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)

PROJECT OFFICIAL HP http://keita-official.tv/
KEITA OFFICAL Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/keitamusic
KEITA OFFICIAL Twitter:https://twitter.com/Official_KEITA

Here is a video from his exclusive showcase on 11/26:


informasi lebih lanjut mengenai project video “turnamen lagu w-inds.worldwide x musicJAPANplus”

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Turnamen lagu w-inds.worldwide x musicJAPANplus akan mencapai klimaks nya, dari 140.000+ suara yang masuk, lagu Endless Moment terpilih sebagai “lagu w-inds. terbaik sepanjang masa”. Sekarang saatnya tiba dimana kita sangat membutuhkan partisipasi sepenuhnya dari kalian semua.

Yang kami inginkan adalah kamu menyanyikan lagu Endless Moment dalam bahasa mu (bahasa indonesia) dan merekamnya. JANGAN TAKUT! Kamu tidak diharuskan untuk benyanyi dengan baik, cukup mengucapkan lirik dengan mengikuti melodi lagu ini. Yang terpenting adalah upaya, bukan talenta.
Kirimkan e-mail ke mjpwww@windsworldwide.com sebelum tanggal 30 oktober dengan mencantumkan informasi berikut (ditulis dengan bahasa inggris) :


Dan ketika kami sudah menerima semua e-mail partisipan, kami akan mengirimi mu bagian dari lagu ini untuk dinyanyikan. Mungkin kami akan membalas e-mail mu lebih dari seminggu, jadi harap bersabar. Setelah mendapatkan bagian yang harus dinyanyikan,kamu dapat langsung merekam video mu.

Lagu ini telah diterjemahkan dari bahasa jepang ke bahasa inggris, spanyol, china, thailand, vietnam, jerman dan belanda. Jika kamu mau menyanyikan nya dalam bahasa yang lain, kami akan mengirimi mu lirik dalam bahasa jepang atau inggris dan silakan menerjemahkannya sendiri , ini memang cukup sulit namun usahakan sebisa mungkin terjemahan mu dapat mengikuti melodi lagu ini.

Batas pengiriman video pada tanggal 1 desember, jadi usahakan luangkan waktu untuk merekamnya di bulan November.

Mari kita bersama-sama dengan sekuat tenaga membuat video yang mengagumkan!

cr: @windsindonesia


w-inds.worldwide x musicJAPANplus Song Tournament Video Project Details

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The w-inds.worldwide x musicJAPANplus Song Tournament has come to a close. After a whopping 140,000+ votes, Endless Moment was named “the Best w-inds. Song of All Time”!

Now comes the part where we REALLY need your full participation! We want you to record yourself on video singing Endless Moment in your language. DON’T BE SCARED! You don’t have to sing well, all we ask is that you speak to match the melody of the song. Your effort is what counts, not your talent!

Please send an e-mail to mjpwww@windsworldwide.com by OCTOBER 30TH. Please include the following information:


Once we receive all of the e-mails, we will send each of you a part of the song to sing. It may take around a week or so to get a reply, so please be patient. Once you are assigned your part, you can film your video.

We will have translated versions from Japanese to English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, and Dutch. If you would like to sing in a different language, we can send you the English or Japanese version and you can feel free to translate it by yourself. It’s really difficult, but please try to make your translation match the melody of the song.

The deadline for the whole video process will be DECEMBER 1ST, so please make time on your schedule in November to do it.

Let’s do our best to make an awesome video together!

>>By the way, you’re free to record your video with as many people as you’d like. Just have the “team leader” send us the e-mail.

Note: This information will soon become available in other languages, so look for the translations to be posted soon.


Ryohei’s Blog: 2012/10/23

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Here is a fast translation of Ryohei’s most recent (and final) blog entry on Ameba.


The staff already told you all for me, but I’m going to be ending this blog and starting anew on Facebook!

I let the staff announce my blog’s ending for me, but it seems everyone was puzzled. Probably because it was really sudden. (lol)

Some people even left me comments like “were you unaware of this?” but of course that wasn’t the case. (lol)

It’s something that we members and the staff decided a while ago.

Some people were like “there’s been an awful lot of old pictures posted recently… it’s kind of suspicious…” Those people have pretty good intuition. (lol)

You guys are really good at reading my personality. (lol)

So, it’s not like I’m ‘graduating’ from the place I usually post, but rather, I’m just saying that I’ll be posting in a new way from a new place! I hope you all can understand that and relax and enjoy it!

Maybe some of you aren’t used to using Facebook, but it’s really fun once you get used to it, so please check it out!

Well then, I’m off!


Keita’s Blog: October 22, 2012

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Here is a very fast translation of Keita’s most recent (and final) Ameba post.

Source: here.

Thank You

Yesterday, this year’s live tour safely came to a close.

I want to give my thanks one again for the help and loving support I received from so many people.

Thank you so much.

The enthusiasm for this tour was extremely huge, and, at the same time, there was a lot of pressure regarding different things, but now that it’s been safely finished, I can relax. (lol)

One thing’s ending is another new beginning.

Without even taking a moment to breathe, I want to continue trying my best to bring new entertainment to Japan, and also to the world.

Also, I have decided to close this blog today.

I want you all to be able to understand my reasons behind doing this as an artist.

Ah, it’s not that it’s become a hassle to update! (lol)

In order to better myself, I’m going to change my surroundings and keep fighting.

No matter where I end up going, I want to be a fighter.

If I always continue trying the same things and there’s no new stimulus, I feel like I’m gonna rot. That’s no good at all.

I might be almost 30 years old but I’m still a fresh and spunky fighter! (lol)

I’ll do my best!

Please check out w-inds.’ Official Facebook for new updates.

Thank you to all my fans!!

Please continue to watch over me.


Keita’s Blog: October 7, 2012

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There has been a lot of confusion about Keita’s blog entry from October 7th, so I wrote a quick translation for all of the fans struggling to find out what exactly he said.

The entry can be found here.


To be honest, this is a personal matter but, last month I had my tonsils taken out.

My tonsils started getting worse last year, and this year I ended up having a fever four or five days a week… it was awful, so I decided to have the operation.

The one week I spent in the hospital was like hell, but now my physical condition is so good that it’s actually scary. lol

So now, I can finally sing with all my strength! ^^

It’s still hard for me to control my chest voice, but surely this will help me once again grow in some way. lol

Recently, we’ve been in production, so there haven’t been many chances to see all of you, but we will be coming to you soon with new works and new projects, so please wait a little more.

See ya.


Read this to learn how to vote more in the tournament!

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Hello, everyone!

So far we’ve logged over 40,000 votes in ROUND ONE of the musicJAPANplus x w-inds. worldwide Song Tournament! Some songs have thousands of votes each. Wow!

You may be wondering how some songs got so many votes in such a short amount of time. Well, some people are really smart and figured out ways to manipulate the google docs form. There are a few tricks I’d like to tell you about so there is a more even playing field.

Voting straight from the google docs page is the easiest way, so please go HERE!

Trick 1) Vote for your favorite song. When you get to the “Thanks!” screen, hit backspace and vote again.

Trick 2) Vote for your favorite song. When you get to the “Thanks!” screen, hold the CTRL key, then hit the R key and Enter key. This allows you to submit votes without waiting for the page to reload. Depending on your speed, you could probably submit about 1000 votes in 5 minutes.
***SEIZURE WARNING*** If any of you suffer from seizures, be very careful with this trick. Especially in Google Chrome, it will make the screen flash black and white. Proceed with caution.

Hope that helps!


musicJAPANplus x w-inds.worldwide Song Tournament!

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The w-inds. worldwide staff have been hinting at something big coming up, and we’re proud to finally announce our collaborative project with musicJAPANplus!

Most foreign fans of Japanese music are familiar with musicJAPANplus as they are one of the few websites out there which strive to make information about Japanese music available in many languages. They have even conducted interviews with w-inds. in the past and have written numerous articles about their activities which can be found here: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/artistdb/?action=writeup&artist_id=88

After she saw one of our previous video projects on YouTube, we were contacted by Yuki, one of the chief editors at musicJAPANplus. She said she was moved by the dedication of w-inds. fans around the world and our desire to one day see w-inds. be able to perform for us in many places. She made us a fantastic offer: not only will she feature the video we make for this project on the official musicJAPANplus YouTube channel, she said she will personally deliver the video and message to w-inds. and their agency.

Due to confidentiality, we can’t receive a direct response from w-inds. nor their agency about the project, but there is a 100% chance that they will see what we create. Chances like this do not come often, and it’s up to you guys to give it your all and prove to w-inds. and their agency that they have a reason to come play for you outside Japan.


The ultimate goal of this project is to make a video of w-inds. from around the world saying the lyrics to a w-inds. song in their own language. When the time comes, you will send an e-mail to our special project e-mail address and you will be assigned the lyrics to record in your video. The w-inds. worldwide staff will be able to provide you lyrics in Japanese, English, Thai, German, Spanish, Dutch, Vietnamese and Chinese.


This is the fun part. We will hold a two part tournament. Round 1 will start on October 8th HAS STARTED: http://windsworldwide.com/?page_id=1557 HAS FINISHED. Fans will have one week to vote for their favorite songs. You’re free to get as many votes for your song as possible, and we encourage you to campaign for your cause through twitter, facebook, or whatever way you can imagine.

After Round 1 comes to a close, will then choose the top 5 songs from the list and have a second battle. The final decision will be made on October 15th at midnight Japan time. The winning song will be declared the Best w-inds. Song in the World and will be the song we all come together to perform for w-inds. UPDATE: ROUND 2 here!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SING. Just speaking the lyrics is okay. If you could say it to the melody of the song, that would be excellent. Since copyright rules state that we cannot use music for this video, it doesn’t really matter. Nobody compares to w-inds. performance-wise, so your smiling face saying the lyrics in your language is the only thing we care about seeing in the video.

We will announce the start of Round 1 and where to vote on twitter and facebook. More directions for the video will follow once the song is decided, but please keep in mind that the deadline for everything will be DECEMBER 1ST, 2012.

More than ever, it is imperative that we show our support in numbers. Not only do we want to leave a good impression on w-inds. and their agency, we want to show our appreciation to musicJAPANplus for their amazing kindness.



Vote w-inds. for NTV’s Best Artist 2012!

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The polls have opened for NTV’s Best Artist 2012!

Link: http://app.ntv.co.jp/myntv/sys/enquete/input/?enquete_id=947

On the website above, enter the following information:

Age Range
Sex (Left is male, right is female)
Favorite Japanese Artist #1 (w-inds., of course!)
Favorite Artist #2
Favorite Artist #3
Favorite Artist #4
Favorite Artist #5
Finally, write the name of the song you’d most like to hear performed.

When you’re done filling in that information, click the button on the bottom left. This will bring you to a confirmation page. Once again, hit the button on the bottom left.



w-inds. 2013 Desktop Calendar Order

VISION FACTORY is beginning to take pre-orders for their 2013 desktop calendar.

Picture and information here!

It’ll be thirteen pages from the MOVE LIKE THIS tour!

If you’re interested in purchasing through w-inds. worldwide, here are the details:

PRICE: 2000 yen
SHIPPING/HANDLING: 500 yen anywhere in the world
MONEY DUE: October 8, 2012
PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal, Japanese bank transfer

Calendars will be shipped to us in late November and to you after that!

If you’re interested, please e-mail us at goods@windsworldwide.com.

Thank you!