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Best Song Tournament ROUND ONE

Due to popular demand, we are starting voting for the musicJAPANplus x w-inds. worldwide Song Tournament early!

Round one will now end on October 15th!

Feel free to vote as often and as much as you’d like.

Which songs will enter the final battle for the title of BEST w-inds. SONG EVER? It’s up to you!

If you have any problems, or you want to vote for a song that was somehow missed, please feel free to comment below. Also, if you want to encourage people to vote for any particular song, please feel free to make a comment! Let’s have fun!

Our poll is being powered by Google Drive. If you have trouble seeing the form below, please click this link to vote!

You can see current results here!

10 Responses

  1. Saymone

    It was too hard to pick from!!~ Mostly all of those songs were my fav w-inds. song.lol

  2. Ting Ting Yang

    w-inds. Is the top!!!!

  3. Anngie

    I love w-inds.

  4. Luna

    I vote for because of you ! The very first w-inds. Song that I heard back in 2003! because of that song, they’re my only jpop group that I still like up till now.

  5. maza

    I vote for Forever memories. この曲は 私にとって フォレバー メモリースって、ウィンスの皆さんを知っています。

  6. Susan

    XD Why is Forever Memories so low?! I can’t think of just the BEST song so then I’m just gonna have to repeat voting a lot…!!

    Another Days!! Trial!! omg Trial T_T

  7. Holly

    I voted for Shiki/四季. This song is as close to perfection as it gets <3

  8. pandora

    tasogareoneway…beasone…Fighting!!! XDD

  9. juxiaoman

    this time 大好キ!(^3^)

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