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Dear w-inds. worldwide,

Thank you so much for everything you have done!!!!!! Without this community, it would be very difficult for me to obtain news and updates on w-inds. (as a lot of sites are in Japanese or in Chinese, which i cannot understand). I had been relying a lot on a friend for the news. It is wonderful to know that there are lots of w-inds. fans all over the world, and you have brought us all together. Everyone has been great. I am attending this year’s w-inds. live tour (for the first time ever), thanks to your effort in getting us tickets.

You have done a very great job, thank you very much!

Best regards,
Yee Min (Malaysia)


There are a few reasons why a testimonial isn’t enough to express how great the w-inds.worldwide community is and I shall try to make them sound convincing while not being too rabid!

Just as a self-introduction, I’m Zhi Jun, a Sydney-sider, a jpop lover; and the main point here…. a loyal w-inds. fangirl for 5 years!

Of course I’m proud of that and as a normal fan would do, I wanted to connect with lots of other fans to share my love for them! However, to my dismay, there wasn’t any official forum or community dedicated to them at all thus I found this journey a rather tough process. No fan likes to feel like a lone supporter, especially when it comes to one of their favorite artistes; and for such a talented group, it seemed too much of a shame they were so overlooked and underrated!

However one day while youtubing, I occasionally came across a video made by w-inds.worldwide and was honestly surprised at the number of overseas fans that actually existed! This link led me to the LJ community page (which I never knew about), and it just happened that the LJ fans decided to reunite everyone by creating a facebook group. I joined but as usual, remained a bit shy to say anything, though that was just silly because everyone was so warm, cheerful and well….miles crazier than me! So I started to actively post pictures and join in commenting. It was also a fantastic place to be kept updated with any of their recent activities!

Of course, twitter came next since w-inds. were active there too! I got to know many other fans all over the world just from twitter and facebook and seriously, it felt totally WONDERFUL! w-inds worldwide had successfully connected all of us, fans from all corners of the world, with the same love and interest for w-inds., all solely hoping for their best. Apart from that, the activities led by Melissa and Ash (the awesome founders of w-inds. worldwide) were just perfect in showing the boys how many people are still supporting them, not only in Asia but actually WORLDWIDE!

Also, all w-inds. fans know that the boys are great live artistes, so our ultimate wish is to actually see their live performances in Japan. However, tickets are especially hard to hit for and w-inds. worldwide has helped me greatly in this sense! After 5 years of yearning, I finally get to fulfill this wish in Osaka this year; and of course this would all be impossible without the existence of the great network that is w-inds.worldwide!! In summary, I’ve known so many awesome, lovely and sweet fans thanks to this community and no words can express how glad I am to be part of them!

===w-inds. worldwide…. FIGHTO!!!! =====

-Zhi Jun


Hey girls,

First off, I’m really thankful for you creating ‘w-inds. worldwide’ as a means to bring everyone together. It just feels much more organised than just through LJ or so many forums.It’s nice to have a club of regulars to fangirl and meet up with, if we can. Also, your efforts to get us both to concerts and to get us difficult to get good (at least for the ones outside of Japan) are incredibly appreciated, really. I remember Melissa constantly apologising for the ‘crappy’ seat at Budokan, but I was so grateful to just be there, lol. So really, your efforts are always appreciated. <3

Just checking, but did you guys already send out my photobook? I didn’t hear my parents about it yet and I was just wondering. =/ Maybe customs ate it or something. Christie sent me the dvd box and that still hasn’t arrived either. >.<

Anyway, thanks again. ^^



Being a new w-inds. fans and all, I think that the w-inds. worldwide community plays a big role in my fast tracked road to loving w-inds. I listen to many Japanese and Korean artists, and of course w-inds. worldwide is not the only international fan community as there are many out there. However, it was the discipline of the two founders that earned my respect. Frankly, and I mean this with no disrespect, many fandoms out there will turn me away from being active in any forums, but when I saw that the w-inds. worldwide leaders would instantly correct any rumors, or bashing not only of w-inds but of OTHER artists as well, and put emphasis on supporting their music, this helped me become more active and eventually a full supporting w-inds. fan. At the time I learned about w-inds. worldwide the video series project had started. That was the FIRST time I had EVER done anything like that, and to see Ryuchi tweet about it was such a good feeling, that I can’t find the correct word to describe it. That said, to me the w-inds.worldwide founders and community inspires old and new w-inds. fans, by example, that you can still support your favorite artist without being disrespectful. w-inds. worldwide 最高!