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About w-inds. worldwide

What is w-inds. worldwide?

This is something that probably hasn’t been clearly defined to fans yet, and many fans actually don’t understand what we are doing. While one of our main goals is to try to get w-inds. to establish an international fan club, in the meantime, what we’re really trying to do is act as a go-between service between international fans and w-inds. We do this in many ways: making information available in English and other languages, buying concert goods for fans who can’t attend concerts, helping fans find tickets to lives, helping foreign fans in Japan sign up for w-inds.day (w-inds. official fan club), as well as helping fans find other fans in their area. We also do all kinds of projects to show w-inds. that they have fans supporting them from all over the world, giving them further reason to establish and international fan club — and just because it makes them happy!

How did w-inds. worldwide get started?

When Melissa and Ash were living in USA, we found it very difficult to feel connected to w-inds. because it was hard for us to find w-inds. merchandise in America and it was really expensive to buy things from Japan online. Also, since we had no money and because we lived all the way in New York, we couldn’t go to concerts. Often we encountered fans bragging about their concert stories, but people rarely offered to help those of us who couldn’t go. Before we came to Japan, sometimes it felt very painful to be a w-inds. fan so far away from the action.

Last April/May, Ash started organizing a project to make w-inds.’s new single Addicted to Love a twitter trending project by tweeting the hashtag #addictedtolove. She tried her hardest to find fans from all over the world to participate. While it didn’t trend worldwide because there just weren’t enough people, it did make it to number one in Japan and was even featured on Japanese television:

Ryuichi said that he was so happy to see that not only Japanese fans participated, but fans from all over the world. When we heard him say that, we decided it was time for us to do something to help fans from every corner of the world support w-inds. and have their voices be heard.

On July 5th, 2010 we started w-inds. worldwide by opening up the petition for an international fan club: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/windsworldwide/

Why do we want an international fan club?

Some of you might not know this, but unless you’re a fan club member, you can’t ballot for tickets to concerts nor receive the special fan club magazine. Furthermore, w-inds. often releases things like DVDs that are only available to fan club members. For this reason, many fans outside of Japan sign up for incredibly expensive and often unreliable go-between services (some people pay $300 usd a year) just to be a member of w-inds.day. We don’t think it’s fair, and we think that if these fans want to support w-inds. so badly, that w-inds. should at least receive this money directly. Plus, some people would really just love a membership card. It can’t be so difficult to do this, and with our goods orders and international shipments, we’ve showed this to Vision Factory time and time again. We think it’s really only a matter of time before they need to start an international fan club.

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