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About the Ameba Studio Premium Broadcast

Published on June 24, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

On 7/2, w-inds. will appear on a show on Ameba Studio from 21:00-22:00 Japan time. After that, from 22:15 Japan time, w-inds. will have a “premium broadcast” on Ameba Studio.

During the premium broadcast, they will react to your comments and answer some questions. Please note that these is limited space in the premium broadcast, so it will be first come first served.

To participate in the broadcast, you need to buy “Ame Points.” You can only buy these with Ameba’s currency “Ame Gold” so you first need to buy Ame Gold.

1. First, you must have an Ameba account. You can sign up at Ameba.jp.

2. Then, go to this page to look at the options for buying Ame Gold. There are many options for how to pay, but some overseas fans have had luck with the credit card and Rakuten options, so check them out.

3. How much Ame Gold should you buy? This is a hard question. 1 Ame Gold = 1 Ame Point, and 50 Ame Points = 1 minute of premium viewing, so 500 yen would buy you 10 minutes. There is no information for how long the broadcast will be, so just use your judgement.

4. After buying the Gold, you can go to Ameba Studio’s site here and login with your Ameba information. You must click 同意する when prompted — this means you agree to link your Ameba account to Ameba Studio.

5. From there, you can click the big green button that has the picture of AmeG turning into AmeP (link here) in order to change your Ame Gold to Ame Points. Choose the amount, and then click the green ポイントを交換 button.

This is a difficult process, so if you have any questions, or get any weird errors, please ask and we will try our best to help. However, we are not experts at Ameba and this is very new to us as well, so we ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you!

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